Ideas for Y11 Final ICT Project

So I am meant to decide on the project I want to do for my Y11 final project. Here are my ideas (in order of my preference):

  • Excel Project – Among all the things we did in the course, I found this program to be quite interesting. It wasn’t too hard that I was tackling something that I was completely  way out of my league at, but it also provided me with a sufficiently hard challenge with the Visual Basic. This is my main project that I am aiming for. I have learnt a lot from the Y10 project, but I am sure that there is still a lot more I can do with excel. Also, some of my relatives have businesses, so they might be in need of accounting and other things that can be done with excel.
  • Designing a Website – This is something that I thought of (in class), and wanted to try out, as it would be quite useful to be able to do. Plus, a lot of people need help in starting up a website, so there could be a lot of potential clients. However, in this aspect of IT, I am in completely unfamiliar territory. I have had no prior experience in in programming/coding, and am not familiar with any of the scripting languages (HTML, Javascript, Actionscript, etc.). I do know of some sites that can help you learn coding, but I’d rather take this up on my own leisure, as I fear that this would be a very difficult project, and I may have trouble making a satisfactory product.
  • Animation – By animation, I mean doing a project like Flash, or something of that sort. I was quite interested in this when we did the project in school. However, this would be a very difficult project. Considering how daunting the project was in Y10, and how badly I did, this may not be a very good choice. I believe that there is still a lot of things I can explore in animation, because I am new to this, and (aside from the little stuff I did with Flash), don’t really have any bearings on this.

Right now, designing a website and going for an animation project don’t really seem like good ideas. Even though I technically have more experience in animation due to our Flash project, considering my project, right now I am just not good at animation. Designing a website might be easier, as I believe it’ll probably be easier to pick up. Excel seems like my most logical choice right now, even if excel isn’t exactly one of the most popular IT projects.

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