Week 1 (Day 1, 2 and the rest of the week) – Creating Websites

So we’ve started doing something new, but I’m not sure if it’s going to be a full project, so it will be left nameless for now.

Basically, our task was to use two different website designing websites to design a website.

Websites I used:

  • WordPress – We were told to use this by our teacher. I am quite comfortable with WordPress (it is, after all, what I use as my journal). I’ve been using it for about two years now, although I have only recently tried out some of it’s other features like Custom Menu.


– It has widgets (one of my favorite features of wordpress). They are basically a list of small stuff you can put in your website, that enhance it (e.g. a calendar which shows important dates, recent posts, categories of posts, etc.).

– it has a custom menu, which means you can compile your posts to one page, depending on the category you place it in, very useful

– supports media uploads (all except videos)

You can check ratings, comments and overall public view towards your website


– very easy to customize (like weebly), it has pages and posts. But it is more unique because


– main problem is that it does not support video upload, unles you pay for an upgrade.

– may seem daunting to people who aren’t that computer-literate

  • Weebly  (jaoj2gandj.weebly.com)- I used this site, as I didn’t really know any other blogging websites, and I didn’t want to use blogspot. I simply searched up the top ten blogging websites, and I came up with this.


– It has a drag and drop feature, which means it is very user friendly.

drag and drop

you can drag elements on to the page. This is weebly’s main advantage/feature.

– it supports uploaded media (images, videos, etc.)

– can choose different themes

– can easily add pages and manage them

managing pages

there are buttons to add, types of pages for customization, and arrangement of sub-pages.

– Weebly allows more than one person to edit the website, which is useful if more than one person is managing the website.

– can add background images


I think that as the user interface is so simple, it lacks the customization that wordpress has.

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