Project 6 (Flash) – Week 1 (Day 2) – Experimenting and Planning.

Today we had a cover teacher, so we didn’t have any sort of guidance, and were left to experiment on our own. I didn’t get much done today. I looked through Youtube, but a lot of the tutorials were mostly on how to do your first simple animation (AKA Motion Tweening, which I covered yesterday). So I took a look at some examples of Flash. I found a couple of good sites.

This was a fairly good site, as it had flash projects that were done by students, so they were not that complicated:

Another really good one is called“Cyanide and Happiness.” This had really good flash animation. Here’s a link to a bunch of shorts of the series (cannot be opened on the school wifi):

  •  Shape Tweens – I started looking at these today because I kept encountering it yesterday. I browsed around a few youtube videos, but none were of any particular help. I didn’t really get this, so I’ll come back to it later.

The heading for our project was to make a multimedia animated quiz, so I did experiment a bit with that. However, I wasn’t too successful.

Failed Attempt at a Quiz

I still don’t know what to create. I will have to start story-boarding and working on the actual project soon.


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