Project 6 (Flash) – Week 1 (Day 1) – Trying Out Flash

This week we started a new project using Flash. Today our teacher just taught us how to do a basic animation (movement).

Things I touched on today:

  • Timeline:

The Timeline

I found out that Flash used a timeline, similar to programs like sony vegas and iMovie. Those dots above are called keyframes (I interpret it as a sort of bookmark. It is placed on a frame when something changes).

  • Motion Tweens – this is basically what we did today. We made things move around, and change shape.

Motion Tweens

We made the ball move around. After accomplishing that, we had the task of making it change shape to look as if it was bouncing off the wall. To do that, we had to learn the free transform tool.

  • Free Transform Tool – This is basically a resizing tool. I don’t think I need a screen shot of this, as it is really just the same as resizing an image in word or Xara or pretty much any editing software. The only difference is that Adobe Flash’s normal resizing tool is much more professional (being able to resize things into curves and weird shapes), and is much more powerful in terms of editing, while the free transform is just a basic resizing tool like any other program.

Tilting the Ball Using the Free Transform Tool

That’s pretty much it. I’m still not sure where this is going, and I have no idea what I am going to create.

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