Project 5 (Scratch Programming) – Week 1 (Day 2), – Planning a Game

<LATE POST> – posted a day after. Actual day is April 20

Our second session was spent planning a new game. We took a look at some of the different examples of games provided by our teacher, and had to think of ways to use it.

After browsing through most of the games, I eventually decided that I wanted to create  some sort of a side-scrolling game (a bit similar to Super Mario Bros.)

I found two games that I quite liked from the examples, but I will only talk about one ( as it is the most similar, and the second one is similar to this game too, so there is no point in mentioning the second game)

  • RobotRun – This was the game I most wanted to simulate. It’s a lot like super mario bros (a side-scroller). You control the player, and move him around with the arrow keys, and he jumps with the space bar). The object of the game is to get to the end  while collecting “fuel” for the robot (although, there technically wasn’t an end, so maybe it was just to collect fuel) and avoiding the red-colored obstacles (I’m assuming they’re something akin to lava). I haven’t yet really started looking into the technical aspects (how the RobotRun game was created/what were the scripts used) of the game, as I was just trying to come up with a game idea today.  However, I did take note of some of the special things in the things in the program.
There were quite a lot of glitches in the program. One of them was the fact that if you continuously pressed the space button, you would keep rising (basically, you wouldn’t fall).

Robot Glitch

I plan to correct these.

Story of my game:

A band member left his guitar back at home. The player has to control him and avoid obstacles throughout the stage to reach the end so that the band member can get his guitar to play at the concert (which is “supposedly” later tonight).

I have scanned a picture of my (basic) storyboard:

Game Plan (please excuse the pathetic drawings)

So that’s basically my plan for now. I have to start looking at how it was designed in the coming days.


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