Recap of My Contributions

As a requirement of our project, I will be recapping and explaining (hopefully more clearer than before), what I have contributed to the project (I will also mention what my partner did, so that it’ll make more sense).

Story Board: 

I was mainly in charge of

  • planning of the effects and transitions of the video – I mostly added and planned what would the transitions and effects be, and how we would incorporate it into the video.

Effects and Transitions

  • clip span – I was generally the one who timed the different scenes, how long each scene would last, how the transitions would last affect the clips.

Something Like This

If you go online and check the google docs presentation, you can see the revision history, but I don’t recommend doing that (you should just view the storyboard ppt), as even though we did do most of the stuff, several times, we put in each other’s work for each other (to make it less time consuming). We would tell each other what to write.


  • Synchronization of the whole video – Basically, after Gordon handed to me the arranged and useful footage, I started syncing the footage to song (e.g. our lip singing), so that it would look in time with our video. I also made sure the extra footage we took (that was not lip singing) was playing in the correct parts of the video (constantly had to readjust videos’ length span, even to the point of a 0.1 second difference). You can find more detail and screen shots of this in my previous post. For this part, you can pretty much disregard the division of the video, as I practically synced the whole thing (lip singing, timing of appearance of videos, etc.)
  • Effects and transitions of (00:00-00:12), and (00:57-01:32, the end of the video) –  I added in effects like fade to black, I changed the color of the video, fast-forwarded (in the first part, car scene), and slow-motioned (last part, ending before the credits). I also added the credits.
  • Final Revision – Once we had all done our parts, I was the one who (since I was the one who had iMovie), went through the whole thing and double-checked it, polishing and refining little bits that may have stuck out. I basically made sure it was ready for final submission.
We added in quite a few new scenes, but most of the new scenes were thought of completely together.

Keep in mind that even though we had different parts (and we did mostly stick to our assigned jobs), we did dabble a bit in each other’s tasks to help each other out. This was a guideline. Yes, we followed it, and we did mostly do only our jobs, but there were some instances where we did each other’s parts (the only exception is the effects and transitions of the video. The time slot stated above is pretty accurate of all the separate editing we did on the transitions and effects).


If I really had to choose, I’d say our main difficulty as a pair was the storyboarding. It was pretty hard for use to brainstorm ideas, and we always kept changing. Plus, without actually editing it, we weren’t sure if what we put into the storyboard was do-able in editing. We were always pretty hesitant, so this was what really wasted our time. It even affected our filming, as we had to keep changing our filming too.

Also, due to the limited capabilities of iMovie, often, we would have to think of creative ways to get in our effects. For example, there was one bit where we wanted to make a clip blink and shake (like an old radio), but were unable to find this sort of effect in iMovie, so we just settled for consecutive flashes.

For my personal problems, I have used iMovie before, so it wasn’t too hard for me to edit. Planing effects in the storyboard wasn’t too hard, as I already had a vague plan of effects and transitions when we started the video. They only problem was that we couldn’t think of scenes, so I couldn’t really add in anything until we did. The length span of scenes wasn’t too hard, because as soon as we were able to think up a scene, I would usually sort of know where in the song I wanted this to show (We listened to the song several times to familiarize ourselves with the different parts). I guess my main problem was the syncing of videos, as there was a problem I encountered, where the length span of clips wouldn’t change sometime (Explained in my previous post), and this took me quite a lot of time, because sometimes it was also really hard for me to get the timing right.


I was vaguely familiar with iMovie before (as I have used it a few times, maybe 3-4), but I never used it to the extent that I did today. I’d say that we were able to come up with a pretty decent video, despite the lacking features and capabilities of iMovie compared to other Softwares like Sony Vegas. We spent more than 6 hours editing the video (maybe even 8-10), so I think we put a considerable amount of effort into it (Although, it isn’t THAT good, and the long editing may have just been due to our inexperience in editing. We often had to work overtime at our own free time for long periods). Overall, I think we did a pretty good job.

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