Project 4 (Music Video) – (Week 3) – Editing

After a lot of trying out, we decided to go with iMovie as out editing software. Vegas was quite complicated, and final cut pro pretty confusing. iMovie was also pretty convenient as it was the only software we had. The problem was, only I had iMovie, so the amount my partner was able to edit was minimal. He had limited time, as he usually had to come over to my house to work on it.

What we’ve done so far:

As I said, only I had iMovie, so I was in charge of the more fine details which took loads of time. I mainly did things like syncing the song with our lipsinging and adding in the effects (this was also because out of the both of us, I was the more experienced with this, even though I’m not actually very experienced). I was in charge of the overall clip time management , and how long each clip lasted (basically, I combined all the footage).

My partner (Gordon), did most of the rearranging in our project. He was also the one sorting deleting/cutting/trimming through all the footage we took. He did apply some effects though (in the middle part of the video, 00:14-00:57), otherwise I would be doing too much.

What I’ve done (in more detail):

  • Synchronization – So basically, as I said above, I was the one do did most of the syncing of videos and audio. Sadly, I’m not an expert in this. I don’t know if there’s an easier way to do this, but I ended up painstakingly adjusting audio and videos for close to 2 hours on this. The reason for this is due to 2 things: Whenever I changed the duration of a clip, often more than not, the transitions and effects would change all around it, so it was pretty confusing. Also, there were times when I changed the duration of a transition, and it would either refuse to change (no matter how many times I changed it), or it would change, but not the exact length I wanted it to change. I only found one way around this problem: if I wanted to shorten or lengthen a part, I had to extend/cut parts of other clips. Or sometimes, if I was lucky, replacing it with another transition would get it to work. All throughout the editing, I have not been able to figure out why iMovie kept on being like this. I think it had something to do with Source duration (the length of the original clip), but then it wouldn’t make sense because transitions didn’t really work too. It may have been a glitch, but I’m not sure.


I also had to mute our footage, but that wasn’t too hard. I just adjusted the volume to zero.
  • Transitions – This was one of the more fun things to do in the project.

Transition Window

As I stated in the annotated picture, I used Cross dissolve, cross blur, cross zoom and fade to black. I used these because I thought that they looked pretty decent, and I wanted to avoid the effects like page curls and ripple, because they looked very fake and unrealistic. As I stated above, I was constantly readjusting the length of transitions in the inspector ( the problem is stated above). I also adjust things like contrast and exposure to make it look cooler.

Video Effects

This was pretty handy, as several times, our footage was a bit too dark, so I used these to brighten it up a bit. I also sometimes changed the color of the video (this can be seen in the opening, where cars are passing through).

I played around with some footage, and managed to get some pretty good stuff.

  • Miscellaneous – We also discarded a lot of scenes and added in a whole ton of things into our video (this was also partly due to our inability to film in places, e.g. busy corridors, which lead to our decision to film somewhere else, e.g. outdoors). Honestly, our storyboard is now quite different from our actual video. We couldn’t really storyboard without knowing if we were going to be able to edit it properly. There were some massive changes. For example, while I was deleting useless footage of us when we weren’t actually singing our part yet, I stumbled upon a scene of me laughing (because of what my partner said), and found that it fit with the video, so I added it in. Also, we really didn’t take into account how long the different clips would be when we storyboarded, and we sort of made some parts too long, so when we were editing, we realized that we needed to put in a whole more things/transitions in between, otherwise our video would be quite boring. This lead to use randomly taking as much footage as we could, so that we could just add in things later.

Also, during the week, my partner left a comment on the video on youtube (due to the fact that we couldn’t find a proper email address to send the request to) asking for permission to use the song in our project. It should be good enough.

Our request for permission of the song

Luckily, we didn’t actually use any other audio or footage that belonged to us, so we didn’t have to send any other emails/comments for permission.

My past two journal posts have been usually short, so I hope this long one makes up for it. It was much easier for me to blog about it because I was editing and working on software.

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