Project 4 (Music Video) – Week 2 – Storyboarding and Filming

We spent the majority of our efforts the past week filming. We found out that our music video only had to be about a minute and a half long. That basically cut our music video by over half. Our storyboard was messed up even further than it already was, and we struggled to figure out which parts of the song we were going to add in (especially since we were planning to do a lot of lip singing). Eventually, when we went to film, we ended up changing the storyboard again.

  • Storyboard – We ended up making some pretty big changes to our plan. This was mostly due to the fact that our music video was now going to be about half in length. We also managed to get a friend to help out with the filming, and he brought us to a pretty good place to shoot, so that scrapped out a lot of our previous storyboarding. Also, we switched format from drawings to a Google Docs powerpoint. That way, it would be easier to keep tabs on who did what, and one slide could easily represent a scene. As a general rule, Gordon usually arranged the whole thing, while I added in explanations and effects. We also discarded a lot of scenes due to the impracticality of filming it.
  • Filming – We went to this place up in the mountains, so it was considerably less populated, which meant filming was moderately easier. During our filming, we were often presented with the choice of filming from a side-angle, or from a front-view (so that we would be facing the camera). We later decided to film from a front-view, as it would create a bigger impact on the video, and it would be easier to edit (due to all the lip-singing). We managed to get some good footage (if we’re lucky, around 20 seconds worth).

Part of the area we shot in

There’s really not much I can add in here. Hopefully when we get to editing, I can get into more detail. On a side note, with what little footage I have, I’ve experimented with it a bit. I found out iMovie isn’t exactly the most professional editing software. It looks a bit cartoonish sometimes, and the effects (like transition) are kinda lame. Although, I think it’s the perfect editing software for just cutting/splitting and adding pieces of video. It’s pretty simple. I’ve also tried out Sony Vegas a bit, bit I think it’s a bit complicated.

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