Project 3 – Final Blog Post – Evaluation

So today is the last day of my Project 3. I will be evaluating my progress and how well I did in this project.

Here is a list of specifications (in bold) that I was meant to follow:
It must be easily used by someone with only a basic level of computer knowledge

I was able to make it moderately easy for someone to use, but some parts may be a bit confusing (e.g how to use the bookings), but I think my Help sheet was able to cover up confusion.
• It must be easy to navigate through the system

I made a picklist so that it would be easier for someone to go throught the different sheets. Unless someone doesn’t know how to use a picklist, it should be pretty easy. Although, some people may not recognize that there is a picklist at the start.

It must show a complete week of bookings

I was able to show this. The booking info is neatly displayed in a table for easy reference.

• It must be obvious which day and time a booking is being made for

This is also obvious is my booking sheet. The booking table is a good way to show the bookings.I believe my project is visually represented pretty well.
• It must be obvious which type of booking has been made (Adult, Student, Discount)

Like I said, the booking table shows this very well. I also color coded the bookings, and it is also shown in the customer info sheet.
• It must be clear if places are available in any class, as soon as the system is opened up.

My welcome sheet has a table to quickly show this, so I believe I was able to fulfill this.
• It should be easy to clear/delete a booking

It is moderately easy to clear a booking, although there is more than one step to clear a booking. It is still pretty simple though
• At the end of each day it should be easy to see how many bookings have been made for each class and how
many are new bookings, made that day

I wasn’t able to show which were new bookings for the day, because I found it too complicated and couldn’t figure out how to di it. Aside form that, I was able to show booking info pretty well.
• It must clearly indicate if there are enough bookings for a class to run or not

I color coded cells using conditional formatting and used IF statements to get this to work, and it’s pretty easy to see if a class is running or not, so I think I did this pretty well.
• At the end of each day it must be easy to see how much profit has been made (if any)

I wan’t able to do this because I wasn’t sure what the total costs per day were, so I didn’t do this. Instead, I showed total revenue per day ( I didn’t subtract the total costs yet).
• It must show a weekly summary of bookings made to include: Total income, Total outgoings, Total profit and Total number of bookings (split into each type) made for morning classes and for evening classes

This was all done in my Finances sheet. They are in neat tables, so they are appealing to the eye, and it’s pretty easy to understand.

Things that could be useful, but not required …
The average number of each type of booking made for morning classes and also for evening classes

I did not do this. I did not have enough time.

 Which class had most bookings

It is not specifically stated, but you can see this in the welcome sheet and finances sheet if you use a little math in your head.
 Which class had least bookings

Same as above. It is not stated, but if you use your brain, you can work it out.
Which class had most bookings of a particular type (Adult, Student, Discount)

Same as above. You can work it out yourself.

My Comments:

I think that overall, my project was able to achieve my target expectations. I was able to format it, and successfully make a userform. In terms of specifications, I was able to fulfill practically all of them. Although, there were several things I could have improved for my system. My system generally fulfills the task, and is not that hard to use (this can be proved via the testing sheets that other people answered for me when testing the project.

My Project:

Strengths – I think that my system was presented in a very neat way, and is quite easy to use. I think that it was also visually represented very well. Users should be able to tell a lot of things from a glance.  There are sufficient buttons that can be used to manage the whole system and ease user experience. It is quite detailed in the finance, and the customer Info area is especially easy to use.

Weaknesses – My booking system is not really hard to use, although, my main weak point is that my booking system can get quite tedious and repetitive sometimes, especially during booking (you have to input the customer info several times. Also, for unbooking, my Customer info sheet was not linked to the bookings sheet, so you would have to unbook a spot in the booking table, and then clear the customer’s info manually). There’s also the fact that users have to constantly scroll around in my bookings sheet, which may get annoying. I also made a whole sheet just for macros (and other important things which I wanted to hide), so I locked the important cells to avoid people accidentally touching it, but that caused the picklist to stop working. Now they can only click the Go button to go to the bookings sheet (if they managed to stumble upon the Macros sheet anyway. Basically, my booking system works, and is easy to use, but it can get quite redundant.

My User Guide:

I think that my User Guide was pretty good. It covers the explanation of the different sheets and how to book/unbook a customer. After spending a lot of time editing it, I believe that it clears up a lot of confusion on how to book and unbook, and what certain parts of the system are for. I also thik that is is pretty easy to use/access. It is in a PDF format, and there is a table of contents (made with hyperlinks) that can be used by the User to easily jump to what they want to view.

Future Developments – There are quite a few things I could have worked on, given more time. One of the things I could have done was make a Mailings feature for the system (that would send online receipts to the Customer’s email). Although, even though I haven’t done this, I have made it so that my Customer Info sheet in the system can easily be used to make the Mailings (it is in an easy to use format, and the necessary info is more or less all there). Also, I could have figured out a way to link the Bookings sheet with the Customer Info sheet, so that if I unbooked a customer, their customer details would also have been removed (although, this would take a considerably long amount of time to figure out, and I might need to complicate the steps to booking a customer a bit). I als could have made more than one UserForm pop out if multiple booking spots were selected (or find some other way to do this, not necessarily with the use of repeated UserForms). I also probably would have made it so that Users do not have to keep scrolling/zooming out to view different things (the reason why I didn’t do this is because if I were to move certain things, I would mess up the formulas and formatting, and it would take too much time to re-do all of it). Also, for my User Guide, I probably would have tried to make it into a webpage, so that it might be easier to use (but I think that my Help sheet is still pretty good).

That’s about it for my evaluation.

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