Project 3 – Week 6 (Day 1) – What I Did Today – VBA

Honestly, today, I accomplished practically nothing. I’ve been struggling with using the UserForm to add in the customer info. I guess I’ll just put down what I tried to do.

First of all, I reread the instructions and specifications of the project, and found out that I needed a way to show the profit for the day. I’m not entirely sure how to do that, because to get profit, I would still have to subtract the total costs, and I’m not sure how to classify the costs into days (because there are some costs that are per week). Instead, I just added in total revenue (Income only. The costs have not been deducted yet) to the booking tables. It now looks like this:

Booking Tables (updated)

After that, I moved onto VBA, and that’s when I stopped progress. My main problem was not getting the UserForm to work. I’ve already mentioned in my previous posts that I have been successful at that. My problem is something that I’ve been having for quite a while now. I want to make it so that if I add in a person’s information, it’ll check for the first empty row, and if it is empty, it will transfer the data there. If it is not, it will move the data down to the next row. I’ve tried all sorts of formulas, and frankly, I can’t figure it out. It would be pointless for me to copy the formulas here, because 1.) It’s very long and 2.) I wouldn’t be able to really explain anything either way. I’m pretty much stuck here.

Also, I’m supposed to make some sort of testing sheet (basically a list of questions about my project), so that when other people test it out later on, I can get some feedback and maybe improve a few things. Also, it will help in my creation of a help guide later in the future. Here’s the draft as of now:

Testing Sheet Draft

These are just some basic questions. I may or may not add some more later on. I’m trying to ask questions that will help reveal my mistakes and weaknesses in my project.

I really don’t have much else to say about what I did today. I was basically stuck on VBA the whole time. I honestly don’t know what to do anymore for my UserForm and Customer Details.

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