Project 3 – Week 4 (Day 2), – What I Did Today – Editing the Layout

Today I went back to editing the layout. I seem to always jump back and forth between editing the layouts and format (e.g finances, booking sheet etc.) and editing with VBA.

I was trying to create the table that went along with the bookings today (the type of tables that would give info about the bookings e.g. how many type of bookings there were, is there enough people for the class to run etc.).

I was trying to create the part of the table where it counts how many people were attending for the week, but I encountered a few problems.

The way my booking works is that if I select a booking button, it will put in the corresponding number (1,2 or 3). Then, conditional formatting will kick in and change the color according to the number. I was trying to use the count if function to count numbers 1,2 and 3 so that I could get a total number of bookings for the week, but I kept encountering this:

The problem

Even now, I still have no idea what this means. I just know that whenever that pops up, the system doesn’t like my figures. I continued to have this thing pop up the whole period.

Eventually, I figured out that using the COUNT function to count all the cells within a range, regardless of the number, would be much easier.

This is what it looks like right now.


I also started editing my finance page again.

What it looks like

I had to use a lot of sums and count ifs and product functions.I haven’t actually added the functions yet (ignore the words used in the screen shots. It should be going to use), but at least I know what I’m supposed to do. I’m still not too sure on how I’m supposed to do the costs (tutors and teaching materials). I have to finish up the tables in the bookings sheet before I do it, I guess. I’ll go more into detail on the finance page one I actually complete it.

Not much progress today. I still have to make a Welcome page, finish up the finance sheet, booking sheet and the VBA. I still have a lot to do.

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