Project 3 – Week 3 (Day 2), What I Did Today – Working on the Userform and Layouts

Today I once again, worked a bit on my Userform ( I’m starting to realize that this is going to be a central part of my booking system), but I mainly tinkered around with the Customer Info sheet (the Customer Info sheet is where all the info from the userform will go into).

What I did today:

  • Userform – I’m having a bit of trouble getting the info from the userform into the customer info sheet. I’ve also been trying to create the ‘submit’ and ‘cancel’ command buttons, but I’m still not sure how to get it working. I’m really struggling with this. It has to do with it’s properties again, I think.

Current Userform

This is how it’s looking right now. I know, it’s not much. Not much progress here yet.

  • Legend – As I said in my last post, I created a legend for the user’s reference to the booking system. It looks like this:

My makeshift legend

I know that it looks pretty pathetic, but I had to fit in it to a single column (to fit in to the screen frozen area, which happens to only be one column). Plus, I couldn’t really think of what my legend would look like. It’s just supposed to represent the different colors that appear on the booking table (refer to previous posts for the picture of the booking table), since I will only be having one booking button, and there won’t really be another way to tell the type of booking. It’ll probably stay the same throughout the rest of the project, and won’t really undergo any changes/modifications.

  • Customer Info Sheet – This is the bulk of what I did today.I mainly spent my time working on this, in correlation to my Userform.

Customer Info Sheet

So it may change, but this is a basic layout. I’m planning to get the info to fall into the correct places, and this is where it starts to get really complex.

I realized that once I got the info to fall into the correct places ( the names, email, customer type etc. would fall into their respective places), what would happen when I tried to book a second customer? Would the info automatically move down to the next cell? I’m not sure. Plus, how was I going to organize it so that Uncle Bo (or whoever would use this system), would be able to navigate which class the customer is attending?

Customer Info Ideas

I’m also thinking of adding a unbook button specifically for the customer info page. It might be easier that way. Or maybe not. I’m going to have to try out all these concept and ideas.

I’m not even sure if this is going to work. I realize that I am quite behind. I have yet to really design a finance page. Regardless, I’m going to have work on it a lot more than I thought. I’m determined to at least finish a decent userform to work with. I’ve borrowed a few books on VBA, and I’m going to try and read up a bit on it. It might make this whole thing a bit easier.

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