Project 3 – Week 2 (Day 1) – Creating Project

So today, I didn’t really accomplish a lot. I tried out Visual Basic, but so far, no such luck.

I tried making a userform, which is basically a window that pops out. I thought that I could put booking info into the user form, that way it would be easier for other people to use.


I’m having trouble organizing and applying all the visual basic things. I tried visiting a few sites to help me. This one was a bit helpful:

Although, I’m still pretty confused, and the userform still isn’t appearing. I think I might scrap the idea of using a userform.

I tried formatting the customer info page. But I’m having trouble thinking of the layout.

Also, I finally managed to learn what the command button was for while browsing through the help sites on Visual Basic, but I haven’t actually used it yet.

Right now, I’m still not sure how to work this out. I’m thinking of maybe incorporating a freeze/split screen, but then that might not really be useful if I’m still going with my current layout. Or maybe I should just revert back to the booking layout similar to the concert booking system tryout I did.

Honestly, right now, my whole project is a mess. For some reason, I’m really struggling with designing a layout for the system. As of now, my bookings page really isn’t much. I just can’t think of how I’m going to do this. I really have to think about this. I know right now my project isn’t really impressive. It’s even showing in my journal, because I don’t even have things to write about. Hopefully I can come up with something at the end of tomorrow’s period, because right now, I’m starting to get worried.

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