Project 3 – Week 1 (Day 2), – Start Of Creating Booking System

So today I took another look at the sample projects, and sort of changed my view on how I wanted to do this.

First of all, I realized that the kind of project I was aiming for was pretty insane, and quite hard to achieve. Especially with all the forms and other things I wanted to incorporate into my project. That would require me to learn visual basic ( I think? Not sure what it’s called), and that could really complicate things. With all the programming, I could end up making things clear only to me, and even more confusing for other people (Uncle Bo) to use. So I decided to tone my expectations down a little.

Realistically, this next project below is the perfect vision I’m looking for.

Welcome Page

At the welcome page, you can immediately see a table which displays the amount of bookings left. Very nice. The big go button, is a pick-list to navigate through the pages. Not exactly as flashy as the navigator it the other project, but it works just as well. It’s also much easier to create.


The bookings page is also great because it’s simple, and easy to use. You can tell at a glance if there are a lot of spaces left, and the tables on the right give a lot of valuable info ( like if the class can run, or how many students/adults/seniors there are), and it also still looks pretty professional. There are also helpful instructions on the bottom right.

This project is, overall, pretty good. It’s fully functional, not super complex, and very simple. The only real difference is that you have to manually input the customer info ( I think). I don’t really have anything to show right now, as I am still organizing and visualizing on how to create my project. I may still try out the complicated things, like userforms and such.

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