Project 3 – Week 1 (Day 1), – Viewing Example Presentations

So today was the official start of our Excel Project. I thought that the concert booking project was our fina project, but I should have known it wasn’t that easy. So basically, we have to create a booking system for a Rockband school. It’s a lot more complex that the trial version we had with the concerts, because of the other additions to the requirements, e.g. Customer details, help manuals, etc.

We started off the lesson by viewing projects from last year’s Year 10 students.

Here are a few ideas I quite liked, and would like to imitate:

I quite liked this project.

Booking, Help and Navigator

First of all, the buttons look fancy. Second of all, this person’s work is very user-friendly. Getting around to working it is really easy, especially if you follow the buttons. There’s also a help button (the circle with a question mark), and a navigator conveniently placed in every page. Plus, if you click the navigator button, this pops up:


This, in my opinion, looks very professional. Instead of just laying out the buttons he inserted it into a pop-up (if I’m not mistaken, it’s called a form?). It’s a big step-up from regular buttons. The whole thing reminds me of a game, really. Very nice.

Also, when booking, it is extremely convenient.

Booking made easy

It’s extremely convenient for the user of the booking system because all he has to do is fill in the gaps, and the info will be sent straight to another page. Really nifty.

Another feature I thought was great was the fact that he used a calendar as a booking system.


What’s great about this is that you aren’t limited to one or two weeks, and it’s much more convenient to book. Plus, if you look at the top right, there are pick-lists (the choosing of time and type of customer), which make it easier to use.

Another project I looked at had this:


The nifty thing about this project, is that on the bookings page, when you want to view the whole thing, no matter where you scroll sideways, the left half of the screen (the one to the left of the partition), follows you. It’s a freeze screen. It’s convenient because you can see a general statistics (the chart), along the screen. Also, the navigation buttons and labels (the monday session 1, wednesday session 2,) also follow so you don’t need to scroll back to the left.

So these are some of the ideas I want to sort of imitate. I still have no real idea where this project is going, or how I’m going to format and coordinate everything, but all these other projects look really intimidating to me right now.

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