Week 5 (Day 2), Final Evaluation

I am now done with editing the image, so I am now evaluating the whole process.


Final Version

  • Band Image –  So as you know, this is what my image looks like. I realized later on that while the background I chose goes well with my band (I chose it because I thought that it was a really cool background image that would give our band a cool look), it did not really project the right type of theme for the band. When you compare it to my mood board (I was trying to give off a sleek pop band), it doesn’t really match up quite well.

guessing your music is wild western-ish?

Creativity in these piece is lacked, as I don’t really see the correlation between the background and the actual picture.

A lot of people liked  the text that I edited though.

Strengths of the picture was the good extraction and I especially like the font for ‘4 One’ with the ripple effect on the O

So I think that in the editing, I should have paid more attention to the designing and less on the extraction and small details.

  • Editing – I went through several stages of editing, as stated in my last post. A quick review:
  1. Placed background underneath the photo
  2. erased the green background
  3. Saturated it to look darker
  4. Added Text
  5. Added grain

The hardest part of the editing for me was the removal of the green background/tint. Magic eraser only works to a certain extent, and for some reason (I have no idea why), often times it does not erase several bits and pieces of the green background. Also, the green tint was very hard to remove, as it was very close to the face, and it required a lot of detailed editing. I constantly had to zoom in and zoom out, and adjusted the colors/tools I was using to remove/make the green background less obvious.

One of the things that didn’t work out was the grain effect. I tried to add in a grain effect, but apparently it didn’t work out because no one noticed it. Also, the color of the ripple in the O. I thought the color emerald was a good contrast and it looked good, but now that I think about it, it also did not go well.

Overall list of things I could have improve on:

  • Chang the background image to better suit the theme
  • Change certain colors of the text.

Overall, I think I did pretty well on the whole thing. I was able to create an excellent band photo, my mood board turned out well, and I think I chronicled my experiences decently.

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