Week 5 (Day 1) What I Did Today – Wrap-up of Project 2

So Today was basically the final wrap-up of the whole project. We did a lot of editing and finalizing.

What my band image now looks like

I used a desert-like background for my image. I thought it looked like a good background, but after thinking about it, it may not be the best picture for the theme I was trying to project. It’s still good though.

What I did to the Photo:

  • Inserting of Background – I placed the background into the image, sent it to the back and then removed the green background with the background and magic eraser.
  • Adding of text – I added the name of our band, and then styled the text to look like a cool font.
  • Color Change – After that, I dimmed down the image and saturation so that it would not give off such a bright image, and seem more calm and collected, and because I originally intended to use darker colors for my background.
  • Small bits and pieces – After that, I zoomed in and removed the small inconsistencies, like green tint and un-erased green backgrounds. I used tools like color replacement tool (for the green tint on the face, because I could use this tool to make the tint grey, which would virtually be invisible and blend in perfectly with the sky), and the Clone Stamp Tool (for the ground, because no matter how many times I used it and potentially mess up the ground, it isn’t really obvious).
  • Grain – Lastly, I added a slight grain effect to make the whole picture seem more cool.

I got the background image from morguefile.com (a copyright-free image site that was referred to use by our teacher), so in theory, it should be copyright-free. I’ve seen a lot of other Photos, and they seem a lot better than mine, but I think mine was pretty okay. I spent quite a lot of time on it. Although, currently, I’m having problems uploading it. For some reason, when I saved it, it reached a file size of 2GB. Way too big. So I’m having a bit of trouble right now, but hopefully everything will be sorted our tomorrow. We’ll have a peer review and then evaluation, so if everything goes well, this project should be done by tomorrow.

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