New Blog Format

So just a quick update here to inform everyone. As you may or may not have noticed, the headings/pages of my blogs have changed slightly. So I did a bit of tinkering around, and found out a way to easier classify my works. I have just recently customized my menu, which means I can now set certain posts on my home page to appear in a certain page/heading. This means that whenever you click the page, you can see posts about the topic. This will make it easier to look through and archive my projects once I have finished them. You can still look at my recent posts on my home page though. So basically, nothing has to change when viewing my posts. It’s just an easier way to view posts on certain projects (especially when I have finished them, and because there can be certain sub-topics to make the to make browsing even easier when looking for specific topics).

Pages Like This! (You can see posts about the topic just by clicking on it. There are even sub-topics too. Like, for example, you could click the page 'Project 1 - Asian Idol Poster Project' to see all the posts related/tagged to it, and even click the subtopic 'poster making' under it to only see posts about the poster making process)

I have yet to fully organize and archive it, so right now, even if you check it, it won’t be complete. But, it’ll be done soon. No problems though. You can still see posts normally by just visiting my site, because you’ll be sent to the home page, just like before. I’ll change this part of the post to a message saying  it is complete when I finish archiving it.

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