Week 2 (Day 1), What I did today – Photo Shoot and Mood Boards

So today was the day of the photo shoot. There were also other things we did.

  • Photo Shoot – First and foremost, we had the photo shoot of the make-shift bands. We had to dress up and work a couple of poses. to do. We stood in front of a green screen so we could change the background later if we wanted to. We were going for a sleek and cool look. Not much else to say here.

One of the few pictures we took
  •   Mood Boards – So after the photo shoot, we had to edit our mood boards. Some things had to be completely revamped. Although, mine wasn’t exactly finished, and I think that my mood board was true to the image we were projecting, so I didn’t really have to change much. I basically fiddled around with pictures. Still not entirely sure how to complete this.
Click the link to view my mood board: Mood Board (Draft) (1) PDF
As you can see, it is still a work in progress.
  • Photo Shop – The final thing we did today was the discussion on Photo Shop. Mr.Dickson (if I got his name correct), showed us a basic tutorial on how to edit our photos. We discussed things like how to cut out faces, refine edges, remove the background etc. Honestly, photoshop seems a bit complicated (especially with all the different editing features and layers), but I can tell it is a very good software to edit photos. There are neat features like quick select, where it can easily select the person in the photo, and many other useful tools.
So that’s pretty much what I did today. Loads of unfinished work, but I’m pretty busy now. I’ll have more time to work on this on the upcoming weekend (hopefully).

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