[Start of Project 2] Week 1,(Day 2) What I did Today – Mood Boards

The previous project (Asian Idol Job Application), has been finished, so this is the start of my next project (actually, this is the second day of the project, but the start of journal entries were set to start of the second session) .

So our next project, is considerably different towards the previous one. We had to form groups of about 2-5 people each (although, going solo was allowed).

The Story:  We had entered the Asian Idol Competition, and performed well enough to want the company to promote us.

Tasks to do:

  • Creating A Band – We had to decide on our music genre, what image to portray, etc. Basically everything that had to do with what kind of a band we were going to be. We decided to go with the pop genre, but honestly, I’m still unsure of the way we are trying to portray.

Lighter Pop

I’m not too clear if we’re going for a lighter pop, like the one above,

Cooler Pop (don't mind the fact that it says punk. I'm talking about the colors and design. The image you feel) *click to enlarge*

Or a slightly darker, cooler pop like this one. ^

The first kind of Pop was what I had in mind. I imagined a light feeling to it. Although, considering the members of the group (and the pictures they were looking at), they were probably thinking of the latter. I’m still having a hard time visualizing our image.

  • Plans For Photo Shoot – Next session, we are going to have a photo shoot, so we had to decide on what to bring/wear etc. Lots of planning here and there, and we still have to discuss further.
  • Mood Board – This is the main thing we have to do. We have to create a mood that sets/describes the image we want to portray. We have to do this individually, which means that we can’t exactly brainstorm our mood board ideas (and everyone of us seems to have different ideas, anyway). This is due next Thursday, so I have to finish this up by then. As I am having trouble visualizing our band image, I’m not too clear on what kind of mood board I should make. Still figuring things out. I don’t have much to show. I will post a screen-shot soon though.

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