Week 7, (Day 2, last session for project) – Working on Presentation

Yes, same situation with the previous post. Was busy working on presentation, so did not update. Again, sorry.

So the deadline for the project was moved, but today was still the last day I would be able to have access to the school’s computers (the next week was CAS Week, and after that is half-term break). My computer at home does not have certain software that I need for my presentation (like Xara, and Adobe Indesign), which is why today was pretty hectic.

  • Finishing up presentation – So the first thing I did, was finish up my Prezi. Added in details, and a conclusion on my presentation. I also added in a video intro of me talking (which I did the night before).
  • Screen Capture – After that, I did a couple of screen grabs, but scrapped a lot of them. I fidgeted and made a lot of mistakes. Didn’t actually accomplish much here.
  • Voice-over – Next thing I tackled was placing a voice-over over presentation, but I encountered a problem with the speakers/microphone. For some reason, I couldn’t hear my voice when I listened to the playback.
  • Compiling into Adobe Portfolio – So after all the problems, I ended up just gathering all my unfinished work and compiling it into a adobe portfolio, because I had to meet the deadline of placing something into the project dropbox. But, again, I encountered another problem.  When I tried to create a PDF for my blog (this website), there was a black space that disrupted the whole thing. I found out those were the videos, so I have to edit them out.


So I didn’t finish my presentation, and have to work on it at home. I downloaded adobe acrobat, video debut screen capture, format factory etc. all just to finish this. I’m going to have to do the voice-over with my laptop (it doesn’t have the best speaker, but it’ll do), and do the screen capture on my laptop too. Then I have to use acrobat to compile it. A lot of work, but it’s coming to an end.

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