Week 7, (Day 1) – Working on Presentation

Okay, so I know that I did not publish this post on the day of the class, but I sort of forgot because I was working on my presentation.

So what I did (on that day), was pretty rushed. For many different reasons, classes were cancelled the week before (this day), causing us to lose the whole of week six (of ICT time). So I had to start editing and everything.

  1. Prezi – So what I pretty much  did (on that day), was to edit my prezi. I was adding up all the info to it, making transitions, etc. Fairly fruitful.
  • Pictures and screen captures –  I was able to make a few screen captures and added a few images from the internet to the presentation.
  • Info – I put down some key-points into my Prezi (which I will be narrating with a voice-over).
  • Transitions – I arranged the order in which my presentations went.

So, not much to say about the day. I really only edited my presentation.

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Sha Tin College 10S
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