What I did today – Presentation Planning

So today, I basically just planned and tinkered around again.

  1. Adobe After Effects –  First and formost, what I did was experiment around with After Effects and how to use it. I tinkered around and tried to find out how to use it. After watching a few tutorials (provided by After Effects), I found out that I needed a real footage of my presentation to upload. I know that would have probably been obvious at the start, but I wasn’t really familiar with the software. It’s gonna take some time to edit Screen Captures, so I’m not too sure if I’m still going to use it. I also couldn’t figure out how to make a title slide (example: a blank slide with the words Poster Making). Basically, I couldn’t even get started. I’m gonna try to give it another go next week. If I can’t figure out how to make a title frame/slide, I probably will have to use another software.
      2.  Guide Table – Another thing I did today was that I updated my table. It’s the list where you can compare Microsoft Word,                         Indesign and Xara to the jobs that you have to do. I haven’t actually finished it yet, but I’ll be posting it in the coming days. This                will be my slight basis for my presentation, although I can’t promise that I will really follow what I wrote down there It’s just a guide.
      3.  Prezi – Lastly, the final thing I did today was experiment with Prezi. Like I said before, I’m not entirely familiar with the                               software. While I have seen and used it before, this will actually be my first time working on a Prezi alone, and I’ve only used the               basic features of Prezi before. I knew : Frames,  Themes,Text making, and rotating. that’s about it. Some new features I used                         today:
  • Path –

Path Feature

I finally learned how to make a path to lead the direction of the presentation Now I can control which information is presented next.

  • Shapes – I now know how to use Shapes. I can add arrows, highlight using markers and do others to emphasize.

Sort of like these

 And I basically tried out almost everything else.

Everything Else

*The little circle with an arrow pointed at it is the Shapes Feature.

I am now pretty confident about making a Prezi. Not that I wasn’t before. Prezi isn’t hard to figure out. The only thing is, to make full use f it, you need a creative mind. Anyway, now I just have to work on adding info to it. Will be updating soon.

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