What I did Today – Presentation Planning

Alright, so since I have finished my poster-making, I have moved to the planning process of my presentation. So today, I was looking around trying to figure out which software I should use for my presentation. I have four possibilities so far.

  • Prezi


As of this moment, it looks like this is probably the one I’ll be using. I am slightly familiar with it, as I have seen other people use it before, seen presentations, and have used it a tiny bit before. I originally thought this was a great idea, as Prezi is a good software with decent effects and presenting features, but the main thing that’s turning me off about using this is that it seems like almost everyone wants to use Prezi. It’ll lose its originality and novelty if that happens.

  • SlideRocket – 


A new software I have never used before. Watched a video about it for a while, before deciding that I did not really like it that much.

  • Adobe After Effects – 

After Effects

Now this one, I REALLY want to try out. I discovered this presentation software today while I was looking around for new software. I saw someone using it, and immediately, I wanted to try it out. This software has amazing effects, just like in a movie. In terms of effects and interesting presenting motions, this is the best software I’ve seen, hands down. The way things can be presented is simply marvelous. The only thing deterring me from using it is when I opened the software, with just a glance, I knew that it is extremely complicated to use. It’s similar to iMovie (from Apple, which I have used before), except way more confusing. Although, they’ve told me that I will be able to use six more periods or this project. So why not? I’ll try experimenting with it.

  • Microsoft Powerpoint –

Microsoft Powerpoint

This would be my extreme backup. My comfort zone. My safety net. I have used this before, so this would not really be a challenge. The reason why I do not want to use it is because it pales in comparison to so much more that I can do with other softwares. It’s pretty bland.

So my plan right now is to experiment a bit with Adobe After Effects. If I can manage to figure it out, then I’ll go for it. If not, I’ll just have to take it down a notch and use something a bit less complicated (like Prezi). I will try as much as possible to NOT use Microsoft. I will only do it if for some reason, I am desperate and have no other options. I’m really hoping I could use After Effects, though. It’s really cool.

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