Presentation Plans

So I have finished my poster-making, and I have moved on to the planning process for my presentation.

I will be comparing the different features of Microsoft Word, Adobe Indesign and Xara. I will be comparing features like:

  1.  General Features:
  • Re-sizing –How hard or easy it was. What is the quality?
  • Rotating – How efficient or confusing was it?
  • Formatting – Anything to do with re-positioning, changing or anything about order/positions will be discussed.
  • Text and Font – Text boxes, colors, size, and basically anything involving editing text in general.

2.   Special Effects:

  • Transparency – How easy is it to adjust?
  • Feathering/Soft Edges – Was it easy? Is it better quality or worse?
    Some general questions for all features:
  • Was it hard to find the feature?
  • Is it difficult to use?
  • How user-friendly is it to a newbie?
Hopefully, I will be able to talk about all these things. There may be more that I have not mentioned. This is my plan right now. I will be updating more on my planning in a while.

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