What I did today – Asian Idol Poster (Xara)

Today, I was behind compared to a lot of other people, so I had to rush. I put the finishing touches on my Adobe Indesign, like transparency, and headed off to Xara.

Suprisingly, I was able to figure out Xara pretty quick. The fact that I had experimented a lot with the other softwares probably contributed to my easier access to Xara. Although, I still think Xara was still not too hard to figure a\out, especially compared to Adobe Indesign.

  • Resizing – I discovered what a beauty it was to resize using Xara. The moving/resizing of objects (or anything that has to do with the picture’s dimensions whatsoever) is extremely easy to use in Xara. And the quality is visibly better than Microsoft or Adobe.
  • Transparency – This was one of the only problems I encountered. Whenever I clicked on the transparency button, it would just move the transparency to the side. I had to ask for help. Not as easy to use as Microsoft or Indesign.

Feathering – I was not able to find the feathering in Xara.

What My Xara Poster Looks Like.

All in all, I think aside from some minor details (such as feathering), Xara is really not that hard to use. Pretty user-friendly, and I can say this because I have never used Xara before this.

Still not able to edit pictures. My internet got cut off. Won’t be restored until at least tomorrow. I’m using the computer from the library, and the software I use (Paint) in the computer is a very old version (and is in Chinese).

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