What I Did Today – Asian Idol Poster (Microsoft)

So today, I didn’t really get to do much since I sat through a indesign review lecture, and I was helping another person with our Project. I did manage to finish up my Microsoft word Poster.

Finishing up the text –

The text

When I tried doing this before, it didn’t work, so I was stumped. Then I found out I had to use two separate text boxes, so it took me a lot of work re-sizing and adjusting the whole thing. Once I was done (took at least 10-20 minutes), I just drew a rectangle shape on top of the text boxes, changed the color to white, made it 50% transparent, and then I gave it a slight feathered edge.

glow and soft edges

Then I sent it to the back.

2011 Red Box –

2011 red box

At first I didn’t know how I was going to do the 2011 red box. Then I found out I could type on a shape.


After that, I just finished up with a bit of resizing here and there and then I moved on to Adobe Indesign. I didn’t really have time, so I wasn’t really able to figure/do anything with Indesign. SO today I basically just finished up with Microsoft. And that’s what I did today.

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