What I Did Today – Asian Idol Poster (Microsoft)

As I am a new student at Sha Tin College, I have never used Adobe Indesign or Xara, so for today’s period, I just tinkered around with Microsoft.

Things I discovered today:

  • Format Shape At first, I didn’t know how to take out the fills of text boxes or place transparency, so the text boxes were standing out a lot. I experimented and found Format Shape.

I learned what format shape is used for.

I learned things like fills (like solid fill) and line colors, etc. This way, I can edit text boxes, pictures etc.

Fills, line colors, etc.

  •  Wrap Text: – This was the first problem I encountered. I couldn’t stack images on top of each other. I had to tinker around to find Wrap Text.

The wonders of Wrap Text

I learned to use wrap text to help solve my problem of placing images on top of each other, and other things wherein I have to  change the stacking of texts/images.

That’s more or less what I found out today.

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Sha Tin College 10S
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